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StorSimple Virtual Appliance Release!

We (as Microsoft) have just released a great new feature ! Storsimple as a virtual appliance. This is amazing since it allows small enterprises  to benefits all great features from Storsimple without actually buying the device or even for learning purpose. This virtual appliance comes


[News] Azure SDK 2.8 is out !

  We were waiting for it since the release of azure powershell module 1.0.X. Since that time visual studio required some tweaks to be able to keep deploying ARM templates but here it comes ! The new Azure SDK has just been released and fixes


Quick Fix for Visual Studio and Azure PowerShell 1.0

Azure Powershell version 1.0.1 has been released. it introduces a new verb-noun combination (xxx-AzureRmxxx). See for more details. As a result visual studio has some issues right now to deploy ARM templates since it has no knowledge at all of these new commands.If you