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How to update Storsimple Virtual Aplliance

  In order to update your virtual storsimple, you cannot achieve that using PowerShell like the physical storsimple. Indeed you have only two options. Updating directly from Azure portal or downloading the update package and updating from the local storsimple portal.   I’ll do it


Deploying Service Template in SCVMM 2016 TP4

  When playing around with SCVMM 2016 TP4, i did want to deploy a service template (NVGRE Windows HA gateway) and i have found out that there is actually a bug in the service template designer. When you import a service template and then edit


Upgrading SCVMM 2012 R2 to SCVMM 2016 TP4

  I’m currently in the process of upgrading my whole fabric in order to check WAP capabilities with Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. For instance i want to try the new shield VM capability et play with network controller for NVGRE. To do


Hello world! V2 :)

Hello readers, For some reason i have decided to migrate my WordPress blog to a virtual machine running into azure instead of hosting it directly in a web app. I am not saying at all that this solution deliver better performance but i did want


StorSimple Virtual Appliance Release!

We (as Microsoft) have just released a great new feature ! Storsimple as a virtual appliance. This is amazing since it allows small enterprises  to benefits all great features from Storsimple without actually buying the device or even for learning purpose. This virtual appliance comes